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About Us

It's a clubby world and every day millions of stocks are traded amongst a tightly controlled group of highly trained professionals?but some get past the Wall Street insiders.

These stocks are often undervalued and under-appreciated and can go unnoticed. Stock Publishers' trained analysts are passionate about ferreting out these penny stocks and sharing this information with our subscribers who know a good investment when they see one. Subscribers receive this information at no cost and are able to participate in the investment strategies of these lucrative growth stocks and use them to meet and exceed their trading goals.

What Are Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks are publicly traded stocks that are currently undervalued and are trading for under $5 a share. The popularity of penny stocks has increased because many investors have found them to be a way to make substantial profits without much overhead or initial investment capital.

At times investors have not always felt comfortable with the potential volatility that arises from penny stocks due to the lack of corporate transparency and general distrust in the stock market. But buying a penny stock is not unlike buying a traditional stock: the main difference is that penny stocks trade on different market exchanges and so you need trusted analyst who can guide you to the proper channels.

At Stock Publisher, we have scoured the potential problems and understand our investors' concerns. We offer comprehensive and clear explanations to guide our subscribers through the murky world of the stock market.